Update 0.0.12 - Choices and Consequences Patch Notes


This update is NOT COMPATIBLE with any previous saved game, since many things have been re-done. It is recommended to extract the zip on a completely new folder and start a new game, since older saves may cause the game to have problems

An USER INTERFACE update is in progress. You will see the new interface in Menus and Load/Save screens, other than in dialogues.

Already done:

- Main Menu

- Load/Save

- Help

- Dialogues

- Exam Interface

To do (forgive is they look bad and incomplete, it's temporary):

- Codex (all)

- Settings Screen

- Gallery

* Bug fixing

* Fixed an issue in Karen's examination where the game applied the wrong trust level when ending the examination

* Fixed an issue with Family Time story chapter that made sister and niece go away before due time

* Fixed an issue with "Personal Shopping" disappearing after the first visit to the Online Shop

* Fixed a typo in payments due which showed a payment of 0 even though money was deducted properly

* Fixed Erika's clothing appearance at Joy Festival

* Fixed Rachelle's exam not showing right clothes during her interview and stating her blood was 0+ when it actually was 0-

* Added a "Continue" option in Main Menu for fast-loading latest saved game

* Achievements screen has been fixed and achievements are being added again in the game

* Medical Examination's tooltips have been redesigned, their text changed with a more correct one.

  - The menu black bar for accessing game's functions while examining a patient has also been added to each examination

* GAIT symbol in examinations has been changed


* Added Elisa as your potential roommate. You can only have one roommate at any given time in the game.

* Added 15 new clinical cases in "Study" minigame


* Anne's Examination:

  - Made some minor changes to dialogues with Nurse Lawley

  - Removed the "three questions" limit on interview

  - Added a review of examinations made at the end of the exam

* Clara's Examination:

  - Removed the "three questions" limit on interview

  - Added GAIT Exam

* Paul's Examination:

  - Removed the "three questions" limit on interview

* Each Examination in the game has been reviewed for inconsistencies, bugs and to include the new medical exam interface


  - To start the exam you need to go to the hospital after August 12th


  - To start the exam you need to go to the clinicafter August 15th


  - To start the exam you need to go to the hospital after August 18th


* Choices and Consequences story chapter will have you deal with previously made choices regarding Elisa, who might be or not your love interest. Whether she is or not the story will play regardless, with changes in dialogues, endings and other gameplay elements.

  - The story chapter will automatically start on August 13th when the day starts, so you can't miss it!

  - Depending on your choices and actions you can unlock up to three different endings, that will have repercussions over the next updates


* The game will end on August 31st. Full version of the game will cover an additional 10 months.

Known issues:

* "Energy" stat while present is not used in the game yet, but it will become on future updates.

* "After-exam" sexy scenes for story mode are in development

0.0.12 Early Realease will be released for 20$ patrons on 16/03/2018
0.0.12 Mid Release will be released for 10$ patrons on 24/03/2018
0.0.12 Pre Release will be available for 5$ patrons on 31/03/2018
0.0.12 Free Release will be available on Late April

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