Three brand-new exams in 0.0.12

0.0.12 - Choices and consequences will feature three new medical examinations you can perform on patients.

Meet Madalyn, a 4-years-old girl who's been brought to SGH hospital by her parents following an episode of choking.

Join Dr. Borelli in a psychiatric examination involving Morgan, a young guy who's delusions make him think people from CIA are following him.

Finally join Dr. Kaplan in examining Daisy, who's problem is really embarassing and painful.

0.0.12 will be available:

- March 16th for 20$+ patrons

- March 24th for 10$+ patrons

- March 31st for 5$+ patrons

- Late April for free

For the first time each release will cover the entire chapter and three exams at the same time!

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