0.0.12 will require to start a new game

Hi guys.

0.0.12 will feature big changes on the game's own structure. The new user interface required me to re-work the whole GUI and options, while I also discovered (thanks to you wonderful alpha-testers) a big bug that was present since 0.0.1 (!) came out last year.

The bug was completely fixed now and appeared only randomly so you may have never noticed it but it was present indeed and could've compromised a saved game.

So, after three releases that kept backward-compatibility with previous saves, you will either need to start a new game afresh or choose the "Skip to the Update" feature, that will allow you to jump into the action!

I hope that from now on you won't need to restart the game, but since this is indeed an alpha release that may be the case in the future.

Thank you again for your patience and wonderful aid!

Be safe and healthy,

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