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Hey guys. It's been hard to work on this one while also developing the game's updates, but here it is: the official story walkthrough of General Practitioner, as many of you asked for in the latest weeks :)

This will guide you (spoiler alert of course!) throughout every choice in the game. It is a 60-page PDF which I tried to write in the most understandable way (tell me if it isn't, feedbacks are always appreciated).

The walkthrough is available to 10$+ patrons in its state-of-the-art version, with the latest release available, and it will become public after 90 days to non-patrons (which will cover events up to the previous free build).

As I told you this was a challenge to write, and for now it won't cover the medical examinations (for now!) or else it wouldn't ever saw the daylight.

What's the announcement I promised? Well, I'm switching my job to become a full-time game developer focused on GP only, so your support, provided you like my work is more important than ever, and that's why, given the volume of work, I decided to make the updated walkthrough a patreon reward.

Your support could be of course economical (here on on my website which shows many different ways to support me in the "Downloads" section) but you can also spread the word about this game on forums, Discord Channels, Youtube or with your friends!

This also means that, starting by February 15th, I can focus 8 hours a day on development and this will change the number of new contents in each update! Follow me for more info about this.

Thank you for your support, this game will continue its journey to full development only if you like it to!

Be safe and healthy,

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