Flirting with patients in the game

One of the most requested features of the game is the ability to flirt with patients during examinations. Right now this is not present in the game if not in very specific examinations, but those characters have their own back stories and moods and I believe it's a real shame not to use them in the game.

That's why, starting from 0.0.11 release "Live Together" I'll start introducing new flirt options in medical exams. Here's how:

- When the patient is about to leave the clinic you'll be given the option to ask them out with different "moods" that could increase or decrease their trust level

- If their trust is high enough (or low enough if you play the bad guy) they will accept and unlock an automatic "Date scene" after the exam

- If their trust is full (or they're completely distrustful) you will also unlock some other scenes, either sexual or refusal. A character could look for the bad guy and have sex with him and dismiss the good guy but the opposite is also true.

- You won't be able to pursue a romantic relation with the patients (that would mean to write about 100 different romances in the final game and it would become endless). Consider them a one-time fun (or two times or even more if they'll return to the clinic)

- Underage patients can't be dated, but their parents/relatives can

- Flirting with patients won't be available in Exam mode, but will be available in Vanilla mode up to a point

- Sex scenes won't be available in Vanilla mode (of course)

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