New "Study" minigame mechanic

009c will introduce a new game mechanic: the "Study".

Until now whenever you chose to study you had your knowledge stat increased by 1 point.  Knowledge is used in-game to receive tips about a patient's conditions and possible outcomes of examinations.

Starting with 009c whenever you study you will be given the chance to further increase your knowledge by taking a medical test. You will be presented with a medical clinical case.

Then the game will ask you a question and you'll have four choices for answering it. Answering correctly will grant you another 3 knowledge points, while answering wrong will take 2 points away from you.

It's not mandatory to answer the questions, you can skip this feature if you're not feeling ready. Of course Codex entries will be introduced to help you in answering correctly, albeit they won't give the correct answer for you!

009c will feature 5 "tests" while more will be introduced in the upcoming updates. The tests are randomly chosen and the game remembers  which ones you already took, so the chance to have the same question repeated over new games will be minimal.

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