Random Examination Project ongoing development

Hey guys!

Today I'm giving you an update about this project of General Practitioner.

I'm about 75% into developing the "core" engine of the feature. This means, translated in numbers, that I already developed the randomization engine which will choose a patient gender, age group and illness and will join the result with the appropriate picture.

As earlier posts stated there will be 12 different kinds of patients:

1- Children (Male/Female)

2- Pre adolescents (Male/Female)

3- Teenagers ((Male/Female)

4- Young Adults (Male/Female)

5- Adults (Male/Female)

6- Elders (Male/Female)

Each of them will have five different character models. This means 60 different random characters that will pop up on screen at random, each with its own 30 exam-pictures set, meaning 1800 different images will be rendered for this project alone.

After choosing the patient, the game then chooses the ailment from a list of 60 different ones. Each ailment is checked for consistency with the patient age group (i.e. a child won't suffer from alopecia and a teenager won't suffer from diaper irritation).

Then the waiting room is loaded with four different patients you may choose to examine and will prompt you to the screen to make your choice. You choose the patient - the exam starts.

In the first step, releasing in 0.0.10 next month, you will receive a text message stating which patient is automatically chosen and with which ailment.

The following updates will include patients, ailments etc. until the project is done.

While this complexity might take a while to develop I'm certain that this feature will make General Practitioner an almost endless-game with differences each time you play it. In time new ailments/patients will be introduced via DLC to increase the overall experience.

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