New Hyperlink Codex System

Hey guys.

Today I'm introducing you the new feature I'm working on: the hyperlink system on the game Codex Topics. As you can see in the video (you can also hear one of the wonderful tracks made for the game by Ann Sharova), you will be given the option to click on hyperlinks directly on the choice buttons on in dialogues.

Clicking on a topic will automatically bring you to the codex screen, therefore saving you from clicking on the game menu, choose codex, choose "Medical Guidelines" and finally choose the topic you need.

You also have hyperlinks in codex entries too, if you want to deepen your search.

This means I will have to rewrite the whole Codex, and you will see the final result in future updates, but all the new Medical Examinations in the game introduced in the upcoming release 009 will benefit of this.

This improvement has been made thanks to your feedback, so please keep giving me those because I really value them.

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