Teaching Medicine: a few screenshots

Greetings fellow doctors!

Today I'm introducing you a couple preview images of Teaching Medicine, the first DLC for General Practitioner which is going to be delivered on March 21st.

Featuring hours of new gameplay, dialogues and situations, Teaching Medicine will have you face two very different sisters, with very different mindsets. Still, they share the same passion for medicine and they're going to study it... with your help!

Test your skills in the brand-new strip test event, or take them downtown to chill out before their admission test, or share your concerns about their own health with them. But beware: their father and your coworker, fellow physician Max Poulsen, might dislike your training methods.

I'll leave you with a few images, please tell me your opinions about this DLC, which I remind you will be completely FREE to whoever owns the base game.

Thank you for your support.

Be safe and healthy,

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