Patch 1.4 - Coronavirus

Greetings fellow doctors!

An update of General Practitioner is on its way to your devices! It fixes some bugs you reported and also introduces a new patient with a brand-new examination, codex entry and Steam Achievement as well!

As you're undoubtedly aware there is currently a worldwide situation with the new 2019-nCoV "Coronavirus", which is causing serious concerns on the general population. I wanted our good Casanova Doctor to deal with the virus, so I'm introducing you Hann Mei, a Chinese social worker who goes to the clinic with flu-like symptoms for you to check out.

Medical authorities are trying to calm everyone down and don't cause panic, and I strongly believe that's the case. The Doctor is going to deal with his usual humor with the situation, but I won't spoiler you anything because I want you to play the exam and enjoy it!

For those who don't play "Vanilla" there's also a brand-new sex scene to unlock, but that's a secret you don't have to share :D

I hope you'll enjoy this update, it's my way to defuse the situation and play with it a little ;)

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