General Practitioner update 1.3

An update for General Practitioner is available for download!

  • Clicking anywhere when displaying a dialogue during online shopping won't result in accidental selections anymore
  • Fixed an issue which made the game refer to male children as "girl"
  • Fixed a missing image during Aaron's Three's a Crowd conversation
  • Winning the most difficult challenge against Koola in the gym will now grant you 1000$ as intended (from 100)
  • Fixed a crashing issue during Dwayne's examination
  • Fixed an inconsistency with a dialogue line from "Living Together" chapter if you didn't invite Claudia to the Festival
  • Fixed an inconsistent line of dialogue regarding a promise you made to Claudia if you never made it in the first place
  • Fixed inconsistencies during Medical Board's advice on Kamil's first examination
  • Fixed inconsistencies with Erika's advice during some random examinations
  • The Interactive phone has been restored from earlier alpha builds.
  • New Game+ has been introduced in the game. To unlock it you will need to finish the game at least once (up to the point where end credits are shown) and to Start a new game. The game will then ask you if you wish to start from scratch or from a New game plus. New Game+ retains your money, medical items bought, relationship levels with every potential romance (except Christina) and skills. It will also unlock the Waiting Room right from the beginning. It will NOT include people you met in the game nor already performed exams and events. Other events (pool subscription, gym subscription, Norah's meeting) are not unlocked.
  • An option to choose which chapter to play has been added to the game. You can go to the Church to "Meditate on your life" and choose a specific chapter to jump to, even previously played ones. Please be aware that skipping makes the game to assume certain choices have been made by default. As the in-game calendar isn't updated (that's because events can play in different days depending on choices), it also advances events ahead of time, so you could end up playing the "Christmas Dinner" event in June for example. I recommend you to use it after you finished the game at least once. Also, many events that depend on your romance paths (i.e. Elisa's whole pregnancy story) are not available to skip upon, since not setting the proper variables would cause the game to behave erratically. Ultimately, this feature is not the proper way to play the game and it could lead to unexpected behavior.
  • Added the "Experienced Doctor" achievement unlockable by starting a New Game Plus

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