Exclusive Patreon rewards available!

Greetings guys!

Thanks to our Patreon partnership and their own partnership with with top notch manufacturers we are now able to offer some exclusive rewards to our North American, Canadian and Australian patrons (this temporary limit is Patreon's, not ours).

I'm proud to offer you three exclusive items for our top pledgers! A mug, a poster and a sticker! The images shown up here are just for reference, I will show you the final design in a few days of course!

You will receive your items after three consecutive successful payments:

15$ tier: exclusive Doctor sticker

20$ tier: exclusive Erika/Claudia Mug

30$ and above tier: exclusive Kiko poster

I hope you'll enjoy these items, I am very excited about them and more will come with newer designs as well once every three months. So choose your pledge today to avoid missing content.

I remind you that right now only patrons living in the US, Canada and Australia are eligible for this rewards.

As General Practitioner's completing its development, more games like Yomi Alliance and The Coroner Saga are coming out in a few weeks! Us being a very small indie studio means we rely on Steam sales and crowdfunding as well for our games. Your pledge helps us to continue doing what we do.

Take a look at Yomi Alliance's Kickstarter as well if you haven't already, there are many exclusive rewards available for you!

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