New website!

Greetings fellow doctors!

I launched a new website for General Practitioner today. You can visit it on

The new interface for the website is one of a classic medical clinic, where staff members are introduced, appointments can be taken (our new contact form to write me a feedback or anything you wish), a new "Download" page where you can find all our products and so on.

As General Practitioner is approaching its final release, I thought it was time to upgrade the old website which was efficient but lacked its own style as Yomi Alliance's one does.

If you wish to visit all of our websites you can find them here: (website for the company as a whole) (website for Yomi Alliance. And don't forget our KICKSTARTER!) (The Coroner Saga website, and Episode 2 is coming in a few weeks as well!)

Have fun with our games! We certainly have fun developing them!

Be safe and healthy,

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