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General Practitioner

Medical Simulation Visual Novel with Adult contents · By Bruni Multimedia


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Update 1.6.1 is out!
An update for General Practitioner is available to download! It is now possible to change names for the Doctor, Claudia and her daughter any time during the gam...
The current COVID-19 situation and our games
Hello everyone! It's very strange to write this stuff, but I think you deserve to know the behind-the-scenes of the current situation in Italy, the place where...
General Practitioner 1.5.2 is out!
An update for General Practitioner is available to download! Updated Codex informations about the SARS-Covid-2 disease Made small modifications to Hann's exam's...
General Practitioner 1.5.1 is out
GENERAL PRACTITIONER 1.5.1 RELEASE TEACHING MEDICINE DLC compatibility patch Fixed an issue which caused more pediatric exams to be loaded in Random Exam Mode t...
Teaching Medicine: a few screenshots
Greetings fellow doctors! Today I'm introducing you a couple preview images of Teaching Medicine, the first DLC for General Practitioner which is going to be de...
Patch 1.4 - Coronavirus
Greetings fellow doctors! An update of General Practitioner is on its way to your devices! It fixes some bugs you reported and also introduces a new patient wit...
Patch 1.3.2 is live
An update for General Practitioner is available for download! Bug fixing Clicking anywhere when displaying a dialogue during online shopping won't result in acc...
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New Game + & Chapter Selection
Greetings fellow doctors! General Practitioner launch was a huge success for the game , I really didn't expect so many people would've played the game and for a...